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Safe Moving

Why hire Advanced Lock and Safe, LLC, to move your safe?

Are you exasperated wondering how you are going to manage to move your safe? There is quite a lot of risk involved if you attempt to move a safe yourself. You not only put your own safety at risk, but you risk damaging your home or commercial building, or the safe itself. Advanced Lock and Safe been moving safes in the Prescott area for nearly a decade.

The right equipment

Moving a heavy safe requires the appropriate equipment to accomplish the job easily and safely. Chances are, most of the belongings in your home don’t weigh nearly as much as your large safe does. Most homeowners or business owners - and even most moving companies - don’t own the equipment that’s needed to move a safe. At Advanced Lock and Safe, safes are our specialty. We have all the tools necessary to relocate and bolt down your safe properly.

Protecting your home or business

At Advanced Lock and Safe, we have everything that is needed during a safe move to protect the floors, walls, stairs, furniture and everything else in your home or commercial building. We are trained, experienced and know exactly what to do in every situation when it comes to moving your safe.

Protecting your safe

Although safes are very heavy and bulky, they are also very sensitive. Because of their precision mechanisms, they can easily sustain damage if they are not handled by experts during a move. Only professional safe movers have the expertise necessary to move a safe without damaging it.

With almost a decade of experience moving safes in the Prescott area, Advanced Lock and Safe, LLC, will move and reinstall your safe with ease. Trust the safe experts. For all your lock and safe needs, call Advanced Lock and Safe at 928-710-0912.

Real Testimonials

 Jeff was prompt and came equipped to move my safe.  He moved everything in a professional manner.  His fee was very reasonable.  In short he saved the day for us.  This is going to all be moved again and Jeff will be the only call I make.  Do yourself a favor and hire Jeff. He knows what he's doing. 


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